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All has come to ruin. The sun is dying and the world breaks apart. An age of broken heroes and dying monsters has come.

And what of you? What is your Purpose in these cursed lands? Will you defend those crumbling keeps to your dying breath, or will you laugh and watch while all burn and die?

Be mighty, and you shall be thrust from this mortal coil and pass on into legend!

What is CYST?

CYST is designed to be an all-in-one adventure game for any number of players. It's based on the original CYST that I made for the One Page RPG Jam, but is expanded in every way! In fact, I added so much stuff I had to upgrade it from a single sheet of paper to an entire zine. CYST now has a more complex rule system, two new character backgrounds, and almost double the tables! All of the tables within the zine require a die with eight sides (although your free will may suffice). The game can be played with or without a GM, with players rolling on tables to generate encounters and stories for their characters. The included rules utilise coin-flipping, but die rolling will work just as well!

What does CYST hold within?

  • An entire game system that can be played by any number of players; with or without a Games Master or Referee. 
  • 8 Character Backgrounds. Six from the original CYST, and the two new ones: Drinker of the Brine and Mound of Flesh.
  • Places & Things; a set of tables for generating places and encounters for a fantastical, dying land.
  • Creatures & Cretins; a set of tables for generating beings and hooligans to populate your lands.
  • Heroes & Happenings; a set of tables for generating tales and legends for your land.

Is there a printed version?

Yes! The whole point of CYST is to be a convenient and robust tool for generating content for fantasy adventure games, so a physical, printed zine to have at the table is ideal. The zine is A6, so it can easily fit anywhere you want to put it (within reason!), and is printed in glorious full colour. The digital pdf is free, but if you really like it and want me to make more stuff like this in future, please pick up a printed copy and help me out! I will update the stock of the printed copies whenever there are none left, so don't worry if you've missed out, just come back later and I will have added more!


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