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You wake. You are home; wherever or whenever that place may be. You search the place and find it deserted. What did you expect? You can't remember how you got here or what came before, but you feel uneasy.

Squandered Corpse is a solo adventure to be used alongside the tabletop game of your choice. When a player's character is slain or otherwise must end, give them this zine so that they may find their peace. They can make notes on what happens to them, or they can read and think. It is of no import.

This minizine was made with the Electric Zine Maker which is made by Alienmelon. All of the painted backgrounds are by me, as is the cover collage and the words within. Hopefully you will use this in your group and find it a worthy addition to your game, but if you don't that's alright too. This is the third 'game' I made for the  minizine jam 2020, so if you wanna check out my other entries, they are here.


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